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Q . What is the payment mechanism for installments?
A. With POS Financing, you won’t have fixed monthly payments. Instead, repayment is automatic and settled daily. Daily payments are based on a small fixed percentage (holdback rate) of your future debit and credit card sales and withheld to repay the loan. It’s simple, easy and affordable because repayment is a fixed percentage of your daily POS transactions, not a fixed Riyal amount.
Q . How long does the process take to receive funds?
A. It’s very quick, once we receive the full documentation we need, we can provide funds within 5 business days.
Q . What is the minimum and maximum amount of funding and how long is the financing period?
A. At AlRaedah, we provide financing from a minimum of SR50,000 to a maximum of SR500,000 with no fixed repayment period.
Q . How much will I qualify for?
A. Our financing is based on the monthly POS sales of your business. We will typically approve you for up to 20% of your annual POS sales. We do not look at your cash sales. For example, if you generate SR1M worth of annual POS sales, you can receive up to SR200,000 in financing.
Q . What is the Profit Rate?
A. We would need to analyze your application and bank statements to provide an accurate offer. Our rates can start as low as 9.99%.
Q . I don't have a business, but I would like to start one. Can I still apply for a facility?
A. No, unfortunately, we don’t provide funding to start-up businesses or for new business activities. However, if you use one of our POS terminals, one of our relationship managers will be in contact with you once you generate sufficient daily POS transactions and walk you through the steps for funding your business.