Islamic Financing Solutions

AlRaedah Finance’s products are tailored to suit the unique and distinctive needs of our SME clients because every business is different. As a direct lender, AlRaedah Finance provides fast and simple financing solutions. Presently, AlRaedah offers the following product(s) according to the type of financing required:

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Point of Sale Financing (Pro)

POS Pro financing is one of the most important forms of financing that we provide for SMEs that started and worked in the local market for a short period, which seeks to expand and achieve a significant jump in the size of its business and its position in the markets, with flexibility in repayment.

How does it work

-      From SAR 500,000 to SAR 5,000,000.

-        Financing amount up to 50% of annual POS sales

-       The value of the financing will be delivered within 30 days of the date of the application.

-       without the need for a guarantor.


Point of Sale Financing

Alraedah works to provide unique financing solutions for entrepreneurs and SMEs that have been launched for at least 6 months, who aspire to promote and expand their businesses and provide them with appropriate financing in a flexible and easy way to help them achieve their ambitions.

How does it work

-        The amount of funding starts from SAR 100,000 to SAR 1,000,000.

-        Financing amount up to 30% of annual POS sales.

-        Nature of funding: without the need for a guarantor.

-        No need for fixed monthly installments.


Point of Sale (POS) Lite

Many companies and establishments may need shortly after the launch of urgent and uncomplicated financing solutions to resolve transactions, speed up operations and strengthen their position in the markets, and because we are aware of the need of these facilities for these quick solutions we have created the financing of (immediate) point of sale for SMEs in 7 working days.

How does it work

-        Funding starts from SAR 50,000 to SAR 125,000.

-        The value of the financing will be delivered within 7 business days from the moment of request.    

-       Financing amount up to 15% of annual POS sales.

-        No need for fixed monthly installments.


E-Commerce Financing Program with our partners

Through this unique product, we strive to provide exceptional features to customers affiliated with economic entities, businesses, and partners who have established strategic relationships with us, mainly platforms active in the fields of technology and e-commerce, led by customers or dealers of the Noon platform, to whom we offer this unique product.

How does it work

-  You can choose the appropriate financing from two packages spread over 6 or 9 months.

-  Payment is a weekly or monthly transfer.

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