Point of Sale Financing

Alraedah works to provide unique financing solutions for entrepreneurs and SMEs that have been launched for at least 6 months, who aspire to promote and expand their businesses and provide them with appropriate financing in a flexible and easy way to help them achieve their ambitions.

How does it work

-        The amount of funding starts from SAR 100,000 to SAR 1,000,000.

-        Financing amount up to 30% of annual POS sales.

-        Nature of funding: without the need for a guarantor.

-        No need for fixed monthly installments.


Financing available up to SAR 1,000,000 at affordable profits rates

16.5% + Processing Fee -

1.5% processing fee

Schedule of Charges*

Tenor 12 or 18 Months
Minimum Amount 100,000 SAR
Maximum Amount 1,000,000 SAR
Repayment Daily
Facility Processing Fee Will be refunded if canceled by AlRaedah**
Security Deposit 10%
Point of Sale Must have POS terminal for 12 months
*The terms and conditions and fees above are provided as an example. Actuals terms and conditions may differ on a case by case basis. APR starting from 34.41% ** administrative fees between 1.5%- 2.25%. 15% VAT is applicable. The products advertised in this marketing material are not suitable for customers below 18 years old.