E-Commerce Financing Program with our partners

Through this unique product, we strive to provide exceptional features to customers affiliated with economic entities, businesses, and partners who have established strategic relationships with us, mainly platforms active in the fields of technology and e-commerce, led by customers or dealers of the Noon platform, to whom we offer this unique product.

How does it work

-  You can choose the appropriate financing from two packages spread over 6 or 9 months.

-  Payment is a weekly or monthly transfer.


Financing available up to SAR 500,000 at affordable profits rates

20% + 1.5% Processing Fee

Up to 12 months

10% + 1% Processing Fee

Up to 6 months

15% + 1% Processing Fee

Up to 9 monthes

Schedule of Charges*

Tenor 6 - 9- 12 months
Minimum Amount 50,000 SAR
Maximum Amount 500,000 SAR
Repayment Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Facility Processing Fee Will be refunded if cancelled by AlRaedah**
Security Deposit N/A
Pre-settlement fee N/A
*The terms and conditions and fees above are provided as an example. Actuals terms and conditions may differ on a case by case basis..APR between 23.52% - 40.69% **One-time processing fee between 1% - 1.5%**.15% VAT is applicable. The products advertised in this marketing material are not suitable for customers below 18 years old.