Point of Sale Financing (Pro)

POS Pro financing is one of the most important forms of financing that we provide for SMEs that started and worked in the local market for a short period, which seeks to expand and achieve a significant jump in the size of its business and its position in the markets, with flexibility in repayment.

How does it work

-      From SAR 500,000 to SAR 5,000,000.

-        Financing amount up to 50% of annual POS sales

-       The value of the financing will be delivered within 30 days of the date of the application.

-       without the need for a guarantor.


Financing available up to SAR 5,000,000 at affordable profits rates

12.5% annually -

1.5% processing fee annually

Schedule of Charges*

Tenor 2 years
Minimum Amount 500,000 SAR
Maximum Amount 5,000,000 SAR
Repayment Daily
Facility Processing Fee Will be refunded if canceled by AlRaedah**
Security Deposit N/A
Point of Sale Must have POS terminal for 12 months
***The terms and conditions and fees above are provided as an example. Actuals terms and conditions may differ on a case by case basis. APR starting from 27.01% **2 years administrative fees 3%.15% VAT is applicable. This product requires mortgage. The products advertised in this marketing material are not suitable for customers below 18 years old.